Creative School of

Music and Vocal Arts

of Alina Zamalieva

The Voice is a way to Soul.
Discover and strengthen your chest (low) and head register (high) in classical, pop, soul vocal arts. Improve your breathing technique and stage presence.

The lessons are offered in German, English, Russian languages.

about alina

Alina Zamalieva is a highly qualified Opera Singer and a Vocal Arts Teacher, a participant of TV project “The Voice of Germany” (13 season, 2023).

Born in Tatarstan (Russia), with singing studies at Kazan State Conservatory, faculty of Opera and Vocal Art (Bachelor, qualification - Opera, Concert and Chamber Singer, Teacher of Vocal Arts), she participated in numerous opera master classes in Russia, Switzerland and Italy.
Alina Zamalieva is an acting member of Association of Music Teachers of Switzerland.

Alina Zamalieva: It is important to show to people, that Music has its own language, which speaks to our hearts and connects us the best way.


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